Workshop Summaries (Monday, 8th of September 2014)

Note : You may only select a maximum of one morning workshop and one afternoon workshop as the workshops run simultaneously.

Morning (9h00-12h30)

Afternoon (13h30-17h00)


Each workshop costs €75.

Morning Sessions

Andrea Butje - The Art of Incense Making

Date: Monday 8th September, 09h-12h30

Workshop Summary

Incense has always been used for creating fragrant spaces both indoors and out. In this workshop you will learn the extraordinary art of making incense cones and sticks from scratch using resins, woods, herbs, spices, fruits and flowers. The process of making your own incense opens up a whole new realm of aromatic pleasures! Discover natural binding ingredients, beautiful aromatic powders and traditional approaches to creating and burning incense. Explore aromas and recipes for cleansing your space, opening your breath and deepening your meditation.

Andrea Butje is the founder of Aromahead Institute, a premier resource for online aromatherapy education. The Institute offers exclusive online educational resources including the Aromatherapy Scholars Program approved by the Alliance of International Aromatherapists. Andrea is changing the Aromatherapy educational paradigm through her inspired approach to online education and creating community though social media. Andrea’s personal passion is working closely with essential oil distillers and creating a network for those who want to buy directly from them. One of her latest passions has taken her on a journey with incense creation using only natural products.


Julia Graves - The Language of Flowers

Date: Monday 8th September, 9h-12h30

Workshop Summary

Not to be confused with the Victorian Language of Flowers to send secret messages to your lover, there is also the language of Nature herself - the Language of Plants. Called the Doctrine of Signatures in the Middle Ages and almost forgotten now, there is a precise sign language with which Nature tells us whether a plant is heating or cooling, which organ systems it will affect, and which emotional effects it will have... Taking the botanical lily family as an example, in this workshop, we will study different lilies arranged in a circle as a wheel of life., the Lily Circle. Their colours, shapes, fragrance, growth patterns and other characteristics will reveal their herbal and flower essence virtues to those who can read nature's own code. Straight forward and easy to learn, this is a creative, artistic, and holistic approach to communicating with nature. This is an ancient skill that is and was part of every traditional healing system anywhere in the planet. Come and let yourself be enchanted by the flowers!

Julia Graves is one of the foremost masters of the ancient code of the doctrine of signatures. Her colourful and lively presentation of the subject matter leaves no one untouched – you will never see plants with the same eyes again! She is the author of the very well received book, The Language of Plants, and has worked with different plant families such as the lilies for many years. Herbalist, psychotherapist and master flower essence counsellor, she is the creator of a unique set of flower essences: The Lily Circle as a medicine wheel is a holistic vision of healing.

Ulla-Maija Grace - Aromatherpay and Fibromyalgia

Date: Monday 8th September, 09h-12h30

Workshop Summary

This engaging workshop takes an in depth look into the complex structure of the physiological and psychological aspects of fybromyalgia. It explores the standard treatments (including medications) prescribed for fibromyalgia and details essential oil choices for the different symptoms of this distressing condition. Ulla-Maija will also demonstrate a lymph activating massage treatment technique developed specifically for fibromyalgia sufferers to relieve fluid retention and discomfort.

Ulla-Maija Grace is a gifted educator and author with over 30 years experience. Currently she is the principal and director of Aromatica Oy, the aromatherapy college of Finland and is also focussed on developing, training and producing Aromatica-Wellness treatments and products. These complete treatment concepts are especially developed for clinics, salons, spas and elderly care for the improvement of health and wellbeing of all ages and groups of people. She has developed a specific treatment technique and products for fibromyalgia – the results of long term research and experience developed at the invitation of the Turku Rheumatic Association.

Afternoon Sessions

Farida Irani - The ancient Vedic science of chakras, nadis and marmas from an Ayurveda Aromatherapy perspective

Date: Monday 8th September, 13h30-17h

Workshop Summary

In this fascinating journey you will go through the various sheaths of our being right from the physical body to the body of bliss, learning about our energy vortexes (Chakras), the subtle channels (Nadis) and our electric magnetic field. We will go through how the subtle energetics, the prana and chi of essential oils and vegetable oils can assist to cleanse and balance these centres, bringing about a physical, mental and emotional balance, connecting us with our body of bliss on a soul level. The principals and philosophy of Ayurveda as a science and how it combines with Aromatherapy will also be explored.

Farida is regarded as a pioneer in the concept of Ayurveda Aromatherapy. Through her clinical research and studies she has combined the ancient sciences of Ayurveda with the science of Aromatherapy and has been successful in reviving this ancient branch using rare essential oils in Ayurveda. She is an international lecturer, principal of the college, Subtle Energies College of Ayurveda Aromatherapy in Australia and with her family has her own exclusive brand of products for the spa industry, Subtle Energies. Her research, book and courses have received international recognition and awards.

Michelle Lyons - The HEARTS Process - Keeping the female pelvis happy and healthy

Date: Monday 8th September, 13h30-17h

Workshop Summary

There is a lot going on in the female pelvis! In this three hour presentation we will cover everything from reproductive health to back pain, with a bit of bowel, bladder and sexual function along the way - life's rich tapestry! We will look at some of the more common 'women's health issues' and how we can take an integrative and safe approach to promoting women's wellness. Also covered will be some of the red flags we need to be aware of, how to take a good medical history and how to communicate effectively with other healthcare providers.

Michelle Lyons is a chartered physiotherapist who has been practicing integrative women’s healthcare for over twenty years using herbs, bodywork, nutrition, yoga, pilates, and most of all, listening. She has lived, worked, learned and taught in Ireland, Canada and the U.S and is passionate about Women’s Health, Celtic history, her husband and her daughter. She currently lives in the middle of Ireland, but travels to teach internationally.

Joe Nasr - Aromatic and spirituous waters: art, science and alchemy

Date: Monday 8th September, 13h30-17h

Workshop Summary

In this class expert plant distiller Joe Nasr will elaborate on the science, techniques and art of distilling aromatic and spirituous waters. With the opportunity to sample, smell, taste and experience their virtues, Joe will also detail different methods of producing phyto-aroma-therapeutic agents from aromatic and spirituous waters including hands-on demonstration of cream making.

Joe Nasr is a widely-respected medical herbalist, osteopath and senior lecturer. With an enduring passion for aromatic plants, Joe cultivates a wide variety of botanicals on his herb farm in West Wales, and is an expert plant distiller. Over the years he has developed innovative techniques for the production of high quality aromatic waters, tinctures and herbal spirits through his company Avicenna. These products are designed for and used by natural therapists the world over.