Why Botanica2014?

Rhiannon says “When I reflect on what motivates me to host botanica2014, an international gathering of like-minded individuals comes to mind and what better place to hold it than in Ireland; a country that embraced the concept of the gathering on a country-wide scale in 2013, celebrating all that is great and good about the Irish people and their traditions!”

The aims of our botanica2014 gathering are to:

What is a botanica gathering?

By definition a gathering is when a body of people come together in one place for a specified purpose…and usually the goal is to celebrate aspects of what they have in common. This is what botanica2014 is all about…an assembly of persons who are passionate about plants in all their forms and their capacity to heal the body, soothe the mind and nourish the soul. And let’s not forget the celebration aspect! Along with 3 jam packed days of sharing, information and education, fun is most definitely on the agenda for botanica2014!

Why Dublin?

The location of any gathering is important – it needs to be congruent with the theme and the spirit of the event, to inspire and facilitate the collective experience. Trinity College in the heart of Dublin city provides the perfect backdrop for botanica2014 with its world class conference and trade show facilities, history, architecture, gardens and accessibility – in short, it lends itself perfectly once again to our unique event.

Come and join us!

Botanica attracts people from far and wide. In 2012, we celebrated with participants from 31 countries! For 2014, the international speakers alone represent 14 countries between them! With three days of conference, an international trade show and exciting full day of post conference workshops on September 8th, I know you will have an outstanding experience on multiple levels.

We therefore invite you to join us for what is set to be a truly remarkable international gathering of aromatherapists, herbalists, researchers and scientists all dedicated to promoting the field of plant therapeutics and clinical aromatherapy. We are looking forward to welcoming you personally.