Meet Our Speakers

Andrea Butje

Andrea Butje (USA)

Andrea Butje is the founder of Aromahead Institute, a premier resource for online aromatherapy education. The Institute offers exclusive online educational resources including the scientifically based 400-hour Aromatherapy Scholars Program approved by the Alliance of International Aromatherapists. Andrea is changing the Aromatherapy educational paradigm through her inspired approach to online education and creating community though social media.

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Anne Marie Reilly

Anne Marie Reilly (Ireland)

AnneMarie Reilly qualified from the College of Phytotherapy in 2003. She has studied endobiogenic medicine with Dr. Jean Claude Lapraz, and subsequently completed the Scottish School of Herbal Medicine Masters Degree Programme, having conducted her research dissertation on the treatment of female functional infertility with herbal medicine.

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Around the world in fragrant ways – meeting artisan distillers.

Around the world in fragrant ways – meeting artisan distillers. (Worldwide)

In this exciting session, artisan distillers from three different countries will share with us their motivation and passion for producing quality essential oils for our industry and introduce us to their particular specialties. This session is funded in part by sponsors that have enabled these small scale producers to participate at botanica2014.

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Atanas Krachmarov

Atanas Krachmarov (Bulgaria)

In 2001 Atanas Krachmarov established the Bulgarian company Ecomaat to revive Bulgarian agricultural traditions. Located in an ecologically pure region in the very heart of the Balkan Mountains, they distill and process wild-growing and cultivated herbs and plants and extract their natural potencies using cutting edge technology including supercritical CO2 extraction.

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Beverly Gray

Beverly Gray (Canada)

Beverley is an herbalist, aromatherapist, natural-health practitioner, journalist, and natural health-product formulator. She owns the Aroma Borealis Herb Shop in Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada. She has inspired many to forage for wild plants and start making their own medicines, natural cosmetics and foods from the plants that grow in the wild as her way to help bring awareness to the environment, conservation and sustainable usage of natural resources.

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Daiki Jimbo

Daiki Jimbo (Japan)

Daiki Jimbo is a doctor of Health Science (Tottori University) and lecturer at Showa University School of Medicine. His areas of research include olfactory physiology, stress and relaxation, developmental disabilities and dementia. Concerning the latter, his numerous published papers and texts have contributed globally to a better understanding of the disease process, its diagnosis and treatment, including non-drug therapies such as aromatherapy.

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Evelyne and Jacky Boyer

Evelyne and Jacky Boyer (France)

Evelyne and Jacky Boyer are producers, harvesters and distillers of roses and other organic essential oils and hydrolats. Verdon Roses & Arômes was established 8 years ago at 1200m altitude in Haut Provence under an extraordinarily clear sky in a region of wild mountainous beauty.

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Farida Irani

Farida Irani (Australia)

Farida is regarded as a pioneer in the concept of Ayurveda Aromatherapy. Through her clinical research and studies she has combined the ancient sciences of Ayurveda with the science of Aromatherapy and has been successful in reviving this ancient branch using rare essential oils in Ayurveda. She is an international lecturer, principal of the college, Subtle Energies College of Ayurveda Aromatherapy in Australia.

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Guilherme Oberlaender

Guilherme Oberlaender (Brazil)

Guilherme is a practising medical doctor, a graduate of the faculty of medicine of Petropolis and specialising in psychiatry. He is also trained in Orthomolecular medicine and is an expert on Amazonian medicinal plants. Guilherme’s passion for aromatic and medicinal plants was ignited as a medical student doing medical volunteer work in the Amazon region. In 2011 he created a family business, Tunupa Aromaterapia with a goal of supplying quality essential oils, especially those originating from Brazil.

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Joe Nasr

Joe Nasr (UK)

Joe Nasr is a widely-respected medical herbalist, osteopath and senior lecturer in herbal medicine. With an enduring passion for aromatic plants, Joe cultivates a wide variety of botanicals on his herb farm in West Wales, and is an expert plant distiller.Over the years he has developed innovative techniques for the production of high quality aromatic waters, tinctures and herbal spirits through his company Avicenna. These products are designed for and used by natural therapists the world over

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Julia Graves

Julia Graves (France)

Julia Graves grew up in Germany in close communion with nature. She trained in anthroposophic massage therapy, herbalism, and medicine from an early age. She is a practicing herbalist, maker of flower essences, and a naturopathic doctor. Julia is one of the foremost masters of the ancient code of the doctrine of signatures, is author of the very well received book, The Language of Plants, and has worked with different plant families such as the lilies for many years.

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Kailash Dixit

Kailash Dixit (Nepal)

Kailash Dixit is a Nepal based distiller and herb grower. His business, Aarya Aromas, began in 2003. The plants they use and distil are grown organically.Kailash says “I am delighted to attend this conference, because it will give me an opportunity to connect with like-minded people who are the best at their field of expertise."

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Linda Anne O'Flaherty

Linda Anne O'Flaherty (South Africa)

Linda-Anne has been working with disadvantaged, sick and at risk children in South Africa for over 25 years. Soon after qualifying as an aromatherapist with the Cape Institute for Allied Health Professionals, she began work as a therapeutic aromatherapist the Bel Porto school for disabled children in Cape Town and is now working for the Friends of the Children’s Hospital Association, Red Cross War Memorial Children’s hospital, Cape Town.

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Lisa McKewan

Lisa McKewan (France)

Lisa is a nurse with over 17 years experience in palliative care and is part of the mobile palliative care team at the university teaching hospital of Rennes. The French health system has presented various challenges over the years; the most recent being how to get aromatherapy accepted into an acute teaching hospital. In 2009 Lisa began the long process of initiating the integration of an innovative aromatherapy service at the hospital and will share her experiences of the process and update us on how the service has evolved.

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Madeleine Knapp Hayes-Wellhuner

Madeleine Knapp Hayes-Wellhuner (Netherlands)

Madeleine has a background in nursing and since changing career direction, has a rich and varied training and experience in natural orientated health care including complementary therapies such as herbalism, aromatherapy and hydrotherapy. Her focus is on chronically and seriously ill patients; Palliative and terminal care are her special interests and expertise. Passionate about the integration of complementary care in modern nursing (or other professional) care and main stream healthcare, in 2003 she started her own school training nurses and allied health professionals in complementary care techniques. She also produces aroma care products for hospitals, hospices and nursing homes

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Marco Valussi

Marco Valussi (Italy)

Marco is a clinical phytotherapist with a specific expertise in essential oils; he works as educator, writer and consultant for the industry in the fields of herbal medicine, aromatherapy and medicinal plants. He also works as a consultant for NGOs working in the field of traditional medicine in developing countries including Kenya, Nepal and Columbia. He gained his degree in Herbal Medicine (BSc. (Hons.)) in 1998 from Middlesex University, London, after obtaining a Diploma in Aromatherapy in 1995 from the Institute of Traditional Herbal Medicine and Aromatherapy.

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Mark Moss

Mark Moss (UK)

Mark is head of the Department of Psychology at Northumbria University Newcastle. He is responsible for the strategic direction of the Faculty of Health and Life Sciences and oversees staffing and budgeting for all programmes of study. Mark teaches on the second year undergraduate Psychobiology Sensation and Perception module, undergraduate and Masters level research methods modules, and a final year alcoholism option.

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Michelle Lyons

Michelle Lyons (Ireland)

Michelle Lyons is a chartered physiotherapist who has been practicing integrative women’s healthcare for over twenty years using herbs, bodywork, nutrition, yoga, pilates, and most of all, listening. She has lived, worked, learned and taught in Ireland, Canada and the U.S and is passionate about Women’s Health, Celtic history, her husband and her daughter. She currently lives in the middle of Ireland, but travels to teach internationally.

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Nicolette Perry

Nicolette Perry (UK)

Nicolette is a pharmacognosist, managing director and Foundation in Plant Medicine course director at Dilston Physic Garden – a unique physic garden set in beautiful Northumberland, UK.She has a strong scientific interest in the pharmacology and phytochemistry of aromatic plants and essential oils for the central nervous system.

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Peggy Finston

Peggy Finston (USA)

Peggy Finston MD practices psychiatry in Prescott, Arizona. She graduated during "traditional" times from "traditional" training: Yale School of Medicine, Washington Hospital Center Internship, and University of Pennsylvania Psychiatry Residency. For over fifteen years, she has been exploring a more holistic approach to mental health that views the body and mind as "connected". She sees the body as not only as a human machine but also as coherent quantum energy. Her peer-review published research and office treatments relate to how an integrated approach may lead to more effective results.

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Rosari Kingston

Rosari Kingston (Ireland)

Rosari is a professionally qualified medical herbalist based in West Cork, Ireland. In addition to running her practice she lectures, writes, and carries out research. She combines the Irish herbal physician tradition, which flourished in Ireland until the early 17th century, with modern medical knowledge and the latest research.

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Ulla-Maija Grace

Ulla-Maija Grace (Finland)

Ulla-Maija Grace is a gifted educator and author with over 30 years experience. Currently she is the principal and director of Aromatica Oy, The aromatherapy College of Finland and is focussed on developing, training and producing Aromatica-Wellness treatments and products. These complete treatment concepts are especially developed for clinics, salons, spas and elderly care for the improvement of health and wellbeing of all ages and groups of people.

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Wolfgang Steflitsch

Wolfgang Steflitsch (Austria)

Wolfgang is a chest physician working at the department for chest diseases at Otto Wagner Hospital in Vienna. He is also medical director of HIVmobil, providing medical home care and long term nursing for people living with HIV/ Aids. He has been involved in two health promotion strategies as his hospital: joint protection with aromatherapy (involving 60 employees ) and stress-burnout protection with aromatherapy (involving 100 employees).

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